Specialty Dentistry

Specialty Dentistry

Integrative Dental Specialists - Specialty Dentistry

Dr. Jeffrey Etess, D.M.D., N.M.D., I.B.D.M. – Specialty Dentistry

Dr. Etess is certain to impress you with his high level of skill and technical proficiency. He utilizes the most state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques, allowing him to provide a predictable, pain free, expedient experience.

Biomimetic/Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. Jeffrey Etess

Biomimetic/Cosmetic Dentistry

Bio- meaning “lifelike” and Mimetic meaning “copy” in Dentistry is the highest quality cosmetic approach to your dental health.

Endodontics - Dr. Jeffrey Etess


The study and practice of the biology of healthy dental pulp and the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries.

Implant Surgery - Dr. Jeffrey Etess

Implant Surgery

Dr. Etess has over 15 years of experience with implant surgery – that is expertise you can trust!