Welcome to the official website of Dr. Jeffrey Etess, D.M.D., N.M.D., I.B.D.M.

Dr. Jeffrey Etess or “Dr. Jeff” as he is affectionately known by his patients is a Holistic Dentist and the owner and operator of Integrative Dental Specialists of Long Island in Williston Park, NY and with a satellite location in New York City.

Not only does Dr. Jeffrey Etess have a doctorate of medical dentistry (D.M.D.) but he is also a naturopathic medical doctor (N.M.D.) and has a degree in integrative biological dental medicine (I.B.D.M.). His depth of knowledge, broad skillset and personal demeanor are what keep his patients coming back visit after visit.

Dr. Jeff’s business, Integrative Dental Specialists operates in cooperation with two other Dental Practices as an independent entity. The main office is in Williston Park, NY and is co-located with the offices of Golan Family Dentistry. Dr. Etess also has a relationship with Dentistry for Health NY in Manhattan and takes patients in the NYC location one day per week or by appointment/request. You can book appointments through his business site (link below) or by giving his office a call: (516) 253-1800. You can also send Dr. Jeff a note, comment or question using the form on our contact page

Please take a look at Dr. Jeff’s business site as well: https://www.idsli.com.